Looking for a reputable vehicle industry player?

Ariva is the largest private car leasing service provider to consumers in South Africa, offering all-inclusive car leasing options to private individuals who want the flexibility of driving a new car more often without having to worry about the risks associated with vehicle ownership.

Ariva originally started off as a partnership between JD Group and Imperial and has since moved to a partnership between Merchant West and Motus (Imperial Group). Ariva, along with its investors Merchant West and Motus, have identified the need of private consumers around the world who have moved from the concept of vehicle ownership, to vehicle usage. This trend now accounts for almost 80% of vehicle purchases around the world. The most obvious reason for this trend is that it is cheaper and allows customers to upgrade their vehicle more often.

Merchant West Holdings is an independent financial services company offering specialist business finance and advisory services through its subsidiaries. We started in 1998 as a subsidiary within a listed asset management firm. The founding directors recognised the huge potential and underwent a management buyout in 2002. Since then, the Merchant West team has grown exponentially, with the majority situated at our head office in Johannesburg and the balance at our branches in Pretoria, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal and our franchise in Mpumalanga.

MOTUS is Southern Africa’s consolidated leading and largest automotive group with selected investments beyond the continent. It comprises of four clearly defined business segments namely Import and Distribution, Retail and Rental, Motor-related Financial Services and Aftermarket Parts.