With an Ariva Lease:

You do not have the responsibility of selling the vehicle nor the inherent problems which come with disposal- we worry about that

With traditional finance methods:

Selling the vehicle becomes your problem which are often made worse because you own a depreciating asset which depreciates in value month by month and with it the need to

  • Realise sufficient value to settle the finance company (often a problem)
  • Negotiate with potential private buyers and with it the risk of
    • Fraud
    • Potential claims by the buyer for defects not disclosed.
    • Paperwork and administration incl. licensing, roadworthiness and police clearance etc.
    • Having to deal with a large number of potential buyers (visits at home, test drives, etc.)

Selling this vehicle at the end of a finance term may result in the offer price being less than that owed to the finance house. With Ariva, it's not your problem.

Benefits Title : 

No Disposal Concerns